WIN a Unido Pouch Sling!

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Unido Pouch Sling - Pollen Sunrise

Win yourself a Unido Pouch Sling! 100% New Zealand made baby slings.

As seen in the New Zealand Herald and OHbaby! Magazine.

Thanks to Sarah and Shelley at Unido we have a Unido pouch sling to give away to one lucky reader! The winner may choose a sling from available stock of the current range of Unido pouch slings listed on the Aquabub website in their choice of fabric and size (S, M or L).

Unido Baby Slings fuse the timeless art of baby wearing with the requirements of the modern, fashion conscious parent. These beautiful slings are designed for carrying babies from newborn to two years old, and are made from locally sourced, natural fibre designer fabrics. Constructed with an absolute focus on comfort and safety, Unido Baby Slings are an affordable, durable and exciting garment suitable for any occasion!

Unido Baby Slings are pre-washed/pre-shrunk with organic essential oils, making your new Unido Sling safe to wear from the moment you receive it.

To enter the draw to win a Unido pouch sling, leave a comment to this post saying why you’d like to win a Unido pouch sling. Also please mention what your favourite fabric & lining colour combo is and your size (S, M, L). (See the available fabrics on the Aquabub website).

Bonus entries:

For an extra entry in the draw, become a fan over at the Unido facebook fanpage and mention in your comment here that you are a fan.

If you haven’t already joined the Aquabub Facebook fanpage, pop over and join us and then mention in your comment here that you are a fan for an extra entry in the draw.

A winner will be drawn on Sunday 11th April at 10am (New Zealand Time). Good luck to everyone who enters!




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  1. Can a portuguese enter?
    I know my wife would love to have something like this!
    Her favorite fabric would be Raspberry Truffle and the size is definetly M.

    Best wishes!

  2. Ooooooooooh! A L Kaleido with Grape would be amazing! If it can help me lug around an 11kg, 15 month old without having to constantly either hold him or have him in a stroller it would be a godsend. I’m picturing being able to pop him on my hip or back when I’m popping into shops and having moments of being handsfree while dropping things off at the postshop. They’re all gorgeous though and yet another fabulous prize here at Aquabub! I’m already an Aquabub Facebook Fan, just off to join Unido as well!

  3. I’d love a large Raspberry truffle sling. It strikes me as a great way to carry an 11kg 18 month old who may be getting tired and grumpy as a result of a LOOONG plane journey. Anything to make time at the airport easy is more than welcome!!!

    • Oh and I’ve just become a fan of Aquabub on facebook πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve been eying up the unido slings for a few months, namely the peppermint style – yum!! it would be the perfect way to carry daniel around on my hip, especially for popping quickly into the shops when I don’t want to lug the pram out of the boot, but still need a spare hand to do stuff!! I also find it hard to have a pram in some shops, so a sling would make life so much easier! I’m an Aquabub fan, and am already a Unido fan :o)

  5. I Love love love the pollen sunrise (M) truly madly deeply! I’ve seen it in real life and I wanted to steal it! Its so incredibly vibrant and stunning, it’ll look great with a black dress!

    I am already (of course) a fan of both

  6. Expecting bub number 2 and this would mean that instead of buying a double pram that would limit where I could shop (due to size) and would limit the time I could spend snuggling my bubba I could have all the cuddles bub and I could want while being able to push my active and mischievious just turned 2yr old.already a aquabub fan now just to head over and make the hard decision of which beautiful design I’d love if I win!! Thanks guys

  7. I’d love a Kaleido with Dark Grey lining. Expecting a new baby in October and would love a pouch to add to my carrier collection πŸ˜‰

  8. oh no, trying to go to the unido fb fan page but my blackberry won’t load it 😦 I shall keep trying and let u know when it works

  9. I am pregnant with my 4th bub and would love to win a Unido sling for a number of reasons. Life is busy and being able to carry baby close to me while caring for my other kidlets is really important to me. I love Unido slings – the fabric is beautiful and they are so well made. my fav on the aquabub website is the Kaleido with grey lining. I’m a size M and YES am already a fan of both Unido and Aquabub – OF COURSE! πŸ™‚

  10. id LOVE to win the pollen sunrise with choc lining!! i have a big boy and a bad back so it would definitely help!!!
    im also a fan of the unido fb page! πŸ™‚

  11. I would love the peppermint sling with navy lining in a S size! Already own a Unido Sling that Sarah made and LOVE LOVE LOVE it – with a second baby due any day it would be fab to have a different design to choose from. And what a great b’day gift it would be as my b’day is 10Apr and baby is due 10Apr…. πŸ˜‰
    I am an existing fan of Unido and Aquabub on Facebook.

  12. I would love to win the Kaleido lined with Grape in the Small. I have one sling that I made for myself and it is wonderful with having a toddler to run around after too and when my boy won’t get to sleep while teething I can guarantee 10 mins in the sling and he’s well asleep! Having an extra for while my current one is being washed, or just for a different design, will be awesome!

    I’m a fan of both pages already :o)

  13. I had a Unido sling when my baby was just a baby, he’s now an amazing 18 months old. I had a large black and white one which I loved and used all the time. I then had problems with my gall bladder and lost alot of weight leaving my large too large to use. I have wanted to replace with a medium for a long time but on such a tight budget it was one luxury I couldn’t afford. If I won I would love a Kaleido and grey in medium please.
    I am most def an Aquabub (and Unido) fan on Facebook.

  14. I would love to win this for my best friend who is due with her 2nd child in July!

    Peppermint with Forest lining, size Small would be fantastic!

    Am a fan of Aquabub and Unido πŸ™‚

  15. i would love to iwn the Raspberry Truffle in a medium, i dont have a sling and really really want one
    im a fan on both pages too πŸ™‚

  16. oh I would LOVE to win one!! Loving that Raspberry Truffle one the most!!
    Fan of both pages also πŸ™‚

  17. Should say in a L with black lining πŸ˜€ Perfect for my new bubba due in less than 9 weeks :O

  18. I’d love to try a new style of sling and these are in delicious colours! I love the peppermint in small πŸ™‚ I’m a FB fan too πŸ™‚

  19. Ok,now a fan of Unido too, pinched the hubbys ph! Also had a very tire babybrained moment and realized we needed to post which sling we liked so I have decided that the Peppermint with forest lining in M. Oh my not having a good thinking day today! πŸ™‚ lol

  20. Would love to give my son and daughterinlaw one of these beautiful slings, they couldn’t afford one with my first grandson and I know once my second one arrives things will be harder, financially and physically. This would make a beautiful gift. I think the peppermint with navy in M would fit and suit them both, still stylish enough for my son to want to wear πŸ™‚

  21. Already a fan of Aqua Bub and Unido Baby Slings.
    I’d like to win a unido Pollen Sunrise because my daughter has colic since birth and i have eard that putting her on a sling will be ideal to help calm her:) She is also a big baby so L for me please πŸ™‚

  22. I’d like a unido peppermint i L please. I love taking my daughter out and i think dad wearing one would be good advertising for Unido πŸ˜‰

    I am a fan of Aquabub and Unido Baby slings. Thanks

  23. I would love to win one of these slings in Peppermint with Navy lining in M. This would be so helpful while trying to deal with my other child by having bubba nice and snug in her sling, especially on the dreaded supermarket trips.
    I am a Fan of the Unido page too =D

  24. I’m a fan of both pages already! πŸ˜‰
    Would love the Pollen Sunrise in size S with grape lining ^_^
    I’d love to win one of these as I was given a pouch sling when I was pregnant but it’s too big for me! Would love something to pop bubba in when I’m doing things around the house!

  25. I would love to win a size S in the Kaleido colour.

    this would be so helpful as Brylie will be 20 months when #2 is born, and will still need to be watched and helped around the house. this means I will be able to keep Baby with me at all times, yet giving Brylie attention aswell.

    I am a fan of both pages.

  26. Forgot to say that I’m a fan of both pages already πŸ™‚

  27. I would luv to win the Unido – Kaleido Unido sling for my niece whom is pregnant with her second child now and still has a bud only 11months old. This would be great for her as she needs her hands free to push her wheelchair

  28. I would Love the Raspberry Truffle in medium, it looks so wonderful and bright! (plus unfortuanately I coudn’t afford one myself)
    πŸ™‚ I am an Aquabub fan and off to join Unido! πŸ™‚

  29. i love the peppermint with a navy lining and would love a Unido Pouch to carry my beautiful daughter around in. What better accessory is there? (possibly needing a large for her), i have just become a fan on face book of Aquabubs. Good luck everyone i’ve got my fingers crossed. πŸ™‚

  30. I would love to win this for my newborn. He is 4 weeks old & loves being cuddled all the time making it hard to run around after my 2yo boy as well. Also a huge benifit to have bubs in a sling when we go walking & to the shops as well. A sling would be a lifesaver!
    I love the Peppermint Sling with Navy lining in a size Small.
    Thank you for a lovely giveaway.

  31. Im already a Facebook fan of Unido Baby Slings.

  32. Ima Facebook Fan of Aquabub.

  33. I’ve used a pouch sling in the past, and my favourite thing about them is how compact they are. They’re great for keeping in my purse or in the glovebox of the car!

    And I think it would have to be a M Chocolate Pollen Sunrise for me.

    (PS I’ve been a FB Aquabub fan for a while, and just signed up as a Unido fan.)

  34. I would love the kaleido with grey lining (L). I have been looking at these for a while and winning one would be great to carry my son places where the pram is just too big and heavy. I am a fan on facebook πŸ™‚

  35. I would love one because they are the best…why settle for second best!? I am a fan of both pages! XXX

    • opps forgot to say I want the Pollen Sunrise in size M

  36. I would love to win a Unido sling as they are just fantastic!! Not to mention super styley!! Then I could have one permanently in the car to use!

    Fan on Aquabub and Unido.

    Would like to win a peppermint with forest, in a size M, but it’s a tough choice!!!In fact – I love the raspberry truffle, pollen sunrise and the Kaleido (which I own in a bigger size!)

  37. My partner really wants to win the Raspberry Truffle in a medium, she has been after one for a long time and i know she would just LOVE it πŸ™‚

  38. I would love to win this for my daughter who has just had her 1st baby, thanks

  39. I’d love to win one for my 3rd baby due later this year. I don’t know how I’m going to venture outside the house with 3 kids under 5 and think babywearing may just be the answer?!
    I love the look of the Raspberry Truffle with Chocolate lining (sounds yummy too!) and would be a Medium size.

    Thanks so much!
    I’m a fan of both pages :o)

  40. Im big on babywearing and would love a pouch sling to add to my collection and as something easy to chuck in my handbag for quick trips!
    My fave is the Pollen Sunrise with a chocolate lining in a size 12-14.
    And Im a fan on facebook!

  41. I would REALLY love to win a Unido sling as my second baby is due in just over two weeks & since I already have a 2 & a half year old toddler to chase after I really need my hands free! I have been eyeing out these gorgeous slings for a few months already but money has been a bit tight 😦
    I’d love the raspberry truffle with chocolate lining in a small πŸ™‚

  42. I’d like to win a Unido sling for my carrier-obsessed partner so we don’t have to spend even more money on carriers!!! She’d like a Pollen Sunrise in size S.

    I’m a fan of both pages πŸ™‚

  43. I need a new Unido cause all girls need the latest fashion accessory to make them look fab when out with their bubbas….*giggles*

    I’d like any sling

  44. Pollen Sunrise? Raspberry Truffle? Pollen Sunrise? Raspberry Truffle?
    Pollen Sunrise? Raspberry Truffle?…Oh dear… to choose a lining…..GAHHHHHH

  45. I’ve looked at these a lot and I’d love to win a small peppermint one to carry my DD. I just have a feeling it might be better than my homemade one! LOL! Which she loves, but isn’t quite the right fit.
    Am a fan on facebook

  46. Because my arms are killing me!

  47. Im preg with number 3 and would love a sling again and yours are just awesome

    Kaleido is my fav style the size M (that was the 14-16 I think)

    Im also a fan on facebook aswell

  48. I would love one for me and my sister in law. She is due next month and has a very energetic boy to run after. I would love one as we are currently trying for our second.
    I love the Peppermint design, great colour and I like a navy lining.

  49. I am a Auqabub FB fan

  50. I am a Unido Slings FB fan

  51. I am a Aquabub FB fan

  52. I would love a sling to try as so many peolpe have good things to say about them and our 2nd bubs is due in June and would really like to try one out having a toddler and a new born 20 months apart will help me manage better when going out, I would imagine.

    Raspberry Truffle, chocolate, large.

    I am a fan of the Unido facebook fanpage and Aquabub Facebook fanpage

  53. I would love a Peppermint Sling with a navy lining (M) as I have lost some weight and I would love a sling that fits properly!!!! I’m alreaty a fan of Aquabub and unido. Thanks for another great competition xoxo

  54. I would love a Kaleido/grey in S; to either snuggle my newborn or lug around my 18month old. I can see it would be great to stuff in my nappybag too, for those ‘need to be carried’ moments.

  55. Oh and I’m a fan of both Unido and Aquabub on Facebook!

  56. Would love to win a peppermint sling for a friend whose prem baby has just come out of an isolet. Mum has been exhausted trying (& succeeding) to keep “fortifier” away from her baby girl. Baby continues to “astound” hospital staff w/ good progress, solely on breast milk. Waiting now 4 her 2 maintain her own body temperature b4 she is “allowed” home. A sling wld probably be better than an isolet. πŸ™‚

    • That’s wonderful to hear how well your friend’s baby is doing – and well done Mum on the breastfeeding success too. For prem babies a stretchy wrap would be the best option as it allows skin to skin contact with the caregiver while holding a very small baby securely. A pouch sling would be great for when baby is bigger though. Good luck for the draw!

  57. Hi there these slings look awesome, I would really love to win a Pollen Sunrise or the Kaleido one in a large size!! They are both so very nice!! Also I’m a fan of yours on facebook!!!

  58. I’d love to win one of these although I have to confess that even though I’ve had 7 children I’ve never used a sling of any sort. But with having a bad back and being pregnant with baby number 8, I love the idea of having baby close while I deal with my 3 year old twins.

    My preference would be the peppermint sling with forest lining please.

    I’m also a fan on facebook πŸ™‚

  59. πŸ™‚ And size large please πŸ™‚


  60. This is an essential baby item mostly forgotten. Got news of a family member due in October so wish to gift this to them if we win.

    FB member too.

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