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MumCho Poncho - Sahara

We are very pleased to offer you a chance to win a MumCho poncho in the Sahara print. Thanks very much to Ute of MumCho for donating this poncho for our major March giveaway!

About MumCho:

When Ute Lorch travelled to Europe with her two-month old daughter Kara in 2006, she knew she would be breastfeeding her in all sorts of public places day and night. She was looking for something that would give her some privacy and Kara some comfort.

“I’m not prudish but I still find it awkward and sometimes it is other people who are uncomfortable. And in Europe there are few facilities for parents,” said Ute.

She found a light weight poncho in a drawer she had bought a few seasons previously and thought it might work.

“It was great. I was more relaxed and Kara really enjoyed the intimacy of being covered yet she could still see through it,” she said. “She would just go to sleep on the plane or we could go out at night. And I was not always thinking I have to get some where private to feed her.”

Her friends commented on how brilliantly the poncho worked and on her return to New Zealand Ute searched the market to see if they were still available. They weren’t and with encouragement from family and friends, MumCho was born.

Ute was a university science lecturer, although she was interested in fashion design at school. She did all the background work on the design, fabrics, manufacturing and the business case.

“I came up with two designs as I wanted the babies to be able to see out and not get too hot,” said Ute.

The traditional “over-the-head” style comes in silk or chiffon and in various beautiful patterns. Both fit into a pouch which fits into a handbag. The merino fabric is in a wrap style with a buckle, so the babies can still see out. These come in plain, earthy colours. And Ute has already had demand for these from women who are not feeding as an evening wrap.

“I think breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for your children. It has nutritional value and is good for boosting their immune systems and also for bonding,” she says.

“I hope that MumChos will give women confidence and that sense of privacy in a public place that will encourage them to breastfeed and to breastfeed longer.”

For your chance to win simply leave a comment to this blog post saying why you’d like to win the Sahara MumCho Poncho.

Bonus entries:

For an extra chance in the prize draw, pop over to the MumCho Facebook fanpage and become a fan, then mention in your comment that you are a fan.

If you haven’t already joined the Aquabub Facebook fanpage, pop over and join us and then mention in your comment that you are a fan for an extra entry in the draw.

A winner will be drawn on Sunday 21st March at 7pm (New Zealand Time). Good luck to everyone who enters!



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  1. I have lots of pregnant friends at the mo, and this would make an awesome gift, then the can pass back to me when I have one in the near future! I am a fan of both pages. Thanks 🙂

    • Awesome Donna. Good luck for the draw! :0)

  2. Id love to win this to give to my good friend whos having her first baby in a few months!

    • Congrats to your friend! Exciting! Good luck for the draw Amy :0)

  3. I come from a very traditional family where breast feeding is not done in the open and the mum is supposed to be in the room with the kid while feeding.this would b the perfect thing to change such practice as I dnt think there is anythin to b ashamed fact,breast feedin is the biggest blessing to a woman where life flows frm the mum to the baby in the form of milk.

    • Thanks for your entry Rubi. I agree – breastfeeding is something to be proud of, not ashamed of. Good luck for the draw!

  4. I am a fan of both pages.thanks

  5. Totally a fan of both pages!

  6. This wud b great gift for my wife so she can feed bub when v r out without having to worry about looking for a parents room. Great idea.I am a fan of both pages

    • Thanks for your entry Asif! Good luck for the draw :0)

  7. I would love a MumCho Poncho!! It would make things easier while breastfeeding in public, especailly when my little 6 month old decides she would rather be looking around than having her feed!

    • I am a fan of both pages too 🙂

    • Thanks for your entry Pam. I so know what you mean about older babies being nosey when you’re trying to feed them. My boys have both been like that (younger one still is! He’s 14 months old). Good luck for the draw.

  8. i’m expecting my 2nd baby and for my first baby i breastfed her exclusively but because i didn’t even know any form of breastfeeding cover existed i was always hiding in the car or baby room to feed because i’m too shy. i hope i’ll be able to feed anywhere this time round 🙂 btw i’m a fan of aquabub fb page.

    • Congratulations on your pregnancy Alice – and good luck for the draw :0)

  9. I’d like to win this poncho coz it rhymes with MumCho and that’s pretty clever marketing right there!

    (Oh and it’s be great to have in the nappy bag for emergency discreet breastfeeding!)

    • And I’m a fan of both pages 😉

    • hehe glad you like the brand name Sarah :0) Good luck for the draw!

  10. Hi

    My daughter is pregnant and due to give birth at the beginning of April, I know she would love the Mum Cho Poncho. I am a fan of Aquabub.


    • Thanks for your entry Barb – it must be exciting waiting to welcome a new grandchild! Good luck for the draw :0)

  11. Because too many people frown on feeding an older (over 3 months but under 12 month at the moment) baby so if they cannot see then they cannot frown right?

    I too, am a fan of both.

    • That’s sad isn’t it Trish. I’m still feeding my 14mo baby, and I fed his older brother till he was 25months old – he self-weaned and I was six months pregnant at the time so I think my milk supply had dropped or gone. I plan on continuing to feed my younger baby until he’s ready to wean. I don’t care what anyone else thinks – it’s what I feel is best for my baby :0)

      Good luck for the draw!

  12. woah this is such an awesome idea every Mother should have one!
    i Love the Name too 🙂
    i Would love to win one
    an i am a fan of both Pages

    • Good luck for the draw Nadia :0)

  13. I would love to have one of these ponchos for bub #2, who is due very soon. I loved breastfeeding our daughter and do not think it is something to hide, but this poncho would have been brilliant when she was older and very easily distracted!

    I am a fan of both pages too :0).

    • Hi Carey. Yes it can be frustrating trying to feed a bubba who wants to keep unlatching to check out what’s going on – not such a worry at home but not always appreciated by Mums when feeding out and about! :0) Good luck for the draw.

      • Unfortunately it wasn’t just out & about! Here’s hoping this baby is a little more focused 🙂

  14. We have got a long plane journey coming up in a few months time. Although I am fairly comfortable breastfeeding in public, the idea of the air stewards and any strangers in the seat next to me getting such a birdseye view of me breastfeeding is slightly unsettling. One of these poncho’s would offer a bit of privacy to all.

    • Good idea for plane travel! Good luck for the draw :0)

  15. Oh and forgot to say that I follow your blog 🙂

  16. Hey! I am a fan of both pages 🙂

    I love this poncho!! With a bubba due in 12 weeks it would make an awesome addition to my wardrobe for breastfeeding (and being in Tasmania in Winter is COLD!) Super cute print too!!

    Thanks 😀


    • Thanks for your entry Mel – good luck! :0)

  17. […] In the meantime our March major blog giveaway is still open for entries till 21st March 2010 – take a chance to win a MumCho Poncho! […]

  18. This would be great for my daughter who is due to give birth any day now. I am a fan of both pages.

    • whoops didn’t realise I had already entered, sorry

  19. I would love to win the mumcho because I’m due in midwinter and it would be great for when i need to be out and about inh the cold with my other children and needing to feed a newborn out in the cold

    • Thanks for your entry Rachel and good luck for the draw :0)

  20. What a gorgeous poncho, practical and fun,
    Perfect to breastfeed bub when out and about or on the run!
    But also great to cover the bump and give some fashion flare,
    I would love to win one so for my next bub so I can be a fashionista, yeah!

    I am also a fan od both pages 🙂

    Thank you 🙂

  21. We are perservering through our first course of IVF. It’s an emotional rollercoaster but we are hopeful. Winning this mumcho would be a psychological boost…and it’s so beautiful!

    • Thanks for your entry Maree and good luck for the draw! I hope you are blessed with your much-wanted baby very soon :0)

  22. Oh – an of coirse I’m a Mumcho ‘fan’! 🙂

  23. I am a fan of both pages.
    I would love to win this mumcho puncho for my next bub, its stylish and i could never find anything like this while pregnant with my firs bub!

    • Good luck for the draw Steph! :0)

  24. i would love to win as that this product is pratical and i could look stylish on limited sleep!!!

    • Thanks for your entry Sharna – good luck. :0)

  25. I would love to win a Mumcho as I’m pregnant with #3 and with my first 2 babies, I have always had very full boobs and fast flowing milk so feeding in public is always awkward in the first few months. Plus they just look so styley!! :o)
    I’m a fan of both pages.

    • Thanks for your entry Susan. Good luck for the draw :0)

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