Auckland Sling Walk – the video!!!

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Back in September I wrote about International Babywearing Week 2009 and the events we were going to be supporting. One event over that week was a ‘Sling Walk’ I’d organised and asked a friend to capture some video footage as we walked around a Mall for a bit then on to a Park down the road. I have finally found time (or rather made time!) to get the footage edited and made a video of our walk. I hope you will enjoy it! It’s the first time I’ve done any video editing!!

Examples of a Mei Tai (Kozy Carrier and a home-made Mei Tai), Soft-structured carrier (Manduca) and wraps including a Vatanai Wrap in Maruyama colourway feature in the video.


Snowflakes on snow-capped mountains – our Christmas baking!!

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In my last post I shared the baking tools I’d found over at Little Cookies. And here’s how our Christmas baking turned out!!

First the cookies were cut out, baked and decorated with a blue candy writer – these were the snowflakes. It took a bit of trial and error to get the candy writer the correct temperature, then a learning curve to perfect my icing technique (its been a while since I’ve done any piped icing!). In the image below you can see my not so good attempts, and then the better ones top centre and left of the plate.

Here’s a pic of my best effort!

The mountains – aka chocolate muffins, were baked in cupcake papers (pictured in my previous post). Then I dolloped white icing on top for snow, and before the icing set, placed a ‘snowflake’ atop each one. Here they are on the plate . . .

And all wrapped ready for Christmas gifting . . .

The perfectionist in me was very relieved to hear the recipient of this batch, who is a very experienced chef, ask where we’d bought them!! Can’t get a better compliment than that!

I’m looking forward to more adventures in baking this year, especially with my 3yo son, and trying out more baking accessories from Little Cookies online store.

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