My New Favourite Baby Shower Gift

August 31, 2009 at 11:45 am | Posted in Baby Showers, Gift Ideas | 1 Comment
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What I wish I knew before I became a Mother - by Peace Mitchell and Katy Garner

What I wish I knew before I became a Mother - by Peace Mitchell and Katy Garner

Yesterday I attended a babyshower (with my 8 mth old baby in tow) for my CIL (cousin-in-law). This babyshower was a lovely affair (far from the types of babyshower that usually fill me with dread when I realise that we will be playing yet another corney, embarrassing game!). The games this time were fun and far from the embarrassing kind – whew! They included ‘baby belly bingo’ where attendees were given an A4 page with a montage of images of pregnant bellies (including men’s ‘bear guts’ lol) – and the first to cross off all the images on their page was the winner. And a take on the old Bruce Forsythe gift conveyor belt – guests were invited to bring along an unwrapped gift, and these were paraded one at a time before my CIL and guests – the gifts she remembered she got to keep! Luckily if any guests remembered some she hadn’t, she got to keep them too. My offering for that game was a pair of Huggalugs leg and arm warmers.

During the afternoon, a sumptious banquet of delicious finger food was on offer – a lot of it prepared by the father-to-be, my cousin, who hovered in the kitchen for most of the time doing his best to avoid the intimidating mass of women in the next room! (We were really a friendly bunch – and he did get brave at the end and joined us :0)

Then it was time to open the gifts that had arrived giftwrapped (while Master 8 mths sat and played on CIL’s baby’s new bear shaped bean bag chair – so cute!). I chose to gift a copy of the beautiful gift book that I stock in my webstore, ‘What I wish I knew before I became a Mother’ by Peace Mitchell and Katy Garner. I was thrilled to see how much my CIL liked this gift – she stopped mid gift-opening to have a quick flick through the book and stopped at several of the beautiful photographic images to show them off to the guests. I think she appreciated receiving a gift that was different to the usual baby outfits, toiletries and toys (although the items she received were lovely) and the book is something she could even keep to later pass on to her daughter when she is about to become a mother.

So if you are ever looking for a gift for a mother-to-be or new mother, why not consider giving a copy of this beautiful book which I guarantee will be very well received and appreciated! Available for purchase from the Aquabub website!


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  1. Wow thanks so much Helen, I’m so pleased that your cousin in law loved our book so much! Thanks for this wonderful review! I really appreciate it!
    Warm regards,
    Peace xx

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